Key Features                                                                           

     No clogging
Larger section area of the air-discharge component helps prevent clogging. Intermittently operable.

     No sediment on the tank bottom
The ejector mechanism employed in the body assures a vast fluid passage area in the cylinder. The ecorator sucks up a large amount of sludge/ carrier and can fully agitate heavy sludge in the tank.

     High oxygen absorption rate
The ejector and venturi cutter generate fine air bubbles .In addition, the powerful airlift effect repeatedly and finely breaks down the sucked air-bubble water.

     Energy saving effect
The lower pressure loss combined with the high oxygen absorption rate at the air discharge point reduces the burden on the blower, enabling stable operation with reduced power consumption.

     100% maintenance-free
Because it does not clog, the ecorator does not require regular cleaning or parts replacement. In addition, because it does not decline in performance, it is suitable for long-term use.

The sucking power of the SEIKA ecorator (compared with the old model)
ECO1000Existing model


Interior structure and the principle of fine air bubble creation
     Newly developed 3-D venturi polytope model
The 3-D polytope model based on the venturi principle creates a pressure difference between the passing water and the air bubbles, and breaks down large bubbles into fine ones in order to increase the oxygen absorption rate. The use of polypropylene (PP) also helps improve the chemical and high-temperature resistance.

     Ejector-style air discharge part
The ejector-style air discharge part sucks up sludge, carrier, and water from the tank bottom and achieves powerful agitation of the contents. In addition, the enough clearance and suface polish with the PP resin/SUS helps prevent clogging.

Interior structure and the principle of fine air bubble creation


Water that reaches the surface is sucked to the tank bottom by the down flow, which increases the DO value of the oxygen-rich part.

The fluid generates a stripping phenomenon and creates fine bubbles approx. 300 μm in diameter.

The flow along the venturi bumps and the direct flow together generate a stripping phenomenon (vortex) that creates fine air bubbles.


SEIKA ecoratorOther manufacturers' products
Lifetime10 years or longer (based on past records) Simple interior structure with no consumable parts.2 to 5 years. The rubber is easily broken.
Clogging99% clogging-free (based on past records)Clogging is unavoidable
Small rubber outler holes always get clogged because of the large resistance force.
Accumulated sludgeNo sludge at the tank bottom
Vacuum-cleaner level of sucking power.
Accumulated sludge at the tank bottom. Sludge accumulation is inevitable due to the small airlift effect and the absence of a suction port.
Electricity costsLow electricity costs
The SEIKA ecorator enables high oxygen absorption rate, minimal pressure loss, and intermittent operation, and consumes less power with a reduced burden on the blower.
High electricity costs
Installation and pipingSimpler and less expensive installation. Because the agitation area per pipe is wider, the total required length of pipe is significantly shorter.In addition, the installation is simpler and less expensive.More pipes and cost are required for installation, because the agitation area per pipe is small.


ModelMaterialAir blow amount per pipe (m3/min)Agitation area per pipeWater depth con-
BodyAir pipingConnectorWeightLower limitStan-
Upper limit
ECO-1000PPSUS304 (JIS10K40A flange)Integrated (PP/SUS)3.70.711.46~7㎡2m or more

Delivery reference                                                                 

     Problems with current diffusers/Request from a client (food factory) for improvements

  • Problems with current diffusers/Request from a client (food factory) for improvements
  • Because the inflow load varies depending on the season, it is necessary to carry out intermittent aeration for effluent disposal. However, disc diffusers tend to clog and do not allow aeration to be conducted.
  • There is a pile of festering sludge in the brown section of the image on the right, which is essentially a “dead space”.
  • After 3 years of using the disc diffusers, the DO rate ceased to increase.
  • Maintenance-free air diffusers are preferred.
  • The enegy costs for aeration-blower-based diffusers are a factor.
  • Because both the ventilation volume and the operational area per unit are small for the diffusers, the piping costs has been reduced.

     Conditions for effluent discharge
  • Influent quantity: 1100m3/day, BOD: 400-1100mg/l , MLSS: 4500mg/l
  • Regulated limit of effluent discharge: BOD: less than 30mg/l
  • Blower: 11kW x 3units, 22kW x 1unit

Delivery reference                                                                 

Launched in July 2012! High-performance cylindrical air diffuser, the Ecorator Jr.

Downsized version of the ECO-1000
Because the Ecorator Jr. has the same air-flow volume and uses the same connector diameter as those of existing air diffusers (membrane diffusers), replacement is easy.

NEW.... ... .. .!!!
(Japanese only)

Key features
  • Clogging-resistant.
With the same structure as the ECO-1000, the Ecorator Jr. is clogging-resistant and enables intermittent operation.
  • Easy to switch from current air diffusers.  
With a connector diameter of Union 20A, the Ecorator Jr. can be connected to existing header tubes.
  • Can suck up sludge.
With its ejector-structure, it can suck up sludge-water from the bottom and mix it uniformly inside the tank entirely.

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